Car Hire

CAR HIRE Our esteemed clients, Blue rchid has a variety of car-hire services to offer depending on your needs i.e where you are and where you would like to use the car; be it within the city center or outside. The offer of these cars ranges from Daihatsu charade, Nissan sunny, Land Cruiser, Mazda prestige, Nissan-9 seater, Pajero intercooler to four-wheel drive in case of rainy seasons.

To hire these cars, therefore;-
a) Drivers age The driver must be over 23 years and not over 70years of age with proper identification besides his driving license.

b) Driving license The hirer must produce a valid license that has been held for at least 2 years upto the time of hire with a license that is free of endorsements. For foreign drivers, they must produce their International driving license.

c) Tariffs - The tariffs for self-drive vehicles are exclusive of fuel. - Chauffeur driven-vehicles have tariffs exclusive of fuel

d) Deposits A deposit of the approximate hire charge will be made on signing the hire contract and full charge for the estimated distance to be covered.

e) Insurance To comply with insurance regulations, which are mandatory, all vehicles are insured and so third party liability and material charges insurance are included in the rates and so the hirer is responsible for the first USD. 850 on any individual claim. The hirer will be responsible for all equipment within & part of the vehicle and so, collision Damage Cover is highly recommended. This will help reduce the hirer’s responsibility on any claim subject to the terms of the contract. 

 f) Security Vehicles shouldn’t be left in public places unattended for overnight, if anything, they may be parked on personal premises without charge and incase of theft of any personal effects from the vehicle, it is not covered by the insurance so take good care of the cars.