Sana Highlands Trekking Expeditions is an established company with vast experience in trekking expeditions, mountain trekking expeditions, adventurous trekking expeditions, budget camping safaris, lodge safaris, car rental services and hotel booking. We offer a unique blend of Kenya and European influences to bring you only the best trekking expeditions services Below is a list of equipment you need for a mountain trekking expedition (You can hire them from our office): -Warm trouser –Warm jacket -Rain jacket -Rain trouser -sleeping bag -sleeping mat -Boots -Balaclava - 70 liter bag -Gloves -A pair of walking sticks ( not very necessary if you’re experienced) -Headlight -sun glasses (we don’t rent, please buy) .


  East Africa has two of the highest freestanding mountains in the world. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest in Africa at 5,896m (19,344ft) and Mt. Kenya is the second highest at 4,985m (17,058ft). Climbers need to be reasonably fit and fully equipped before starting the climb.  more